PLATOW Medien is a Frankfurt-based publishing company known first and foremost for its information service “DER PLATOW Brief” and the profitable markets newsletter “PLATOW Börse”. “DER PLATOW Brief” was founded in 1945 by business journalist Dr. Robert Platow and has thrown a critical light on the events in German companies’ executive suites and on international securities markets ever since. The stock market newsletter “PLATOW Börse” was first published in 1996 and features the renowned PLATOW portfolio, one of the most successful model portfolios of the past two decades in the German-speaking world. PLATOW’s cooperation with Deutsche Bank (and DWS) began in 2006, when the two companies joined in managing the DWS Concept Platow (formerly DB Platinum III/IV Platow), a mutual fund focused on German companies. In 2013, all activities under the PLATOW brand were taken over by longtime publisher Albrecht F. Schirmacher and united under the roof of the independent PLATOW Medien GmbH. PLATOW Medien is a majority shareholder of pfp Advisory, which was founded in July 2016.


DWS (DWS Group GmbH & Co. KGaA) is one of the world’s leading money management firms, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. Founded in 1956, the company was part of the Deutsche Bank AG until its going public in March 2018. In 2006, Deutsche Bank launched the DB Platinum III Platow (later DB Platinum IV Platow), which was transformed in the DWS Concept Platow in 2018 and is exclusively advised by pfp Advisory GmbH.