The DB Platinum IV Platow Fund, Platow Fund for short, is a mutual fund focusing on German equity. It was launched by Deutsche Bank in May 2006, with Christoph Frank and Roger Peeters acting as advisors ever since. Until August 2016, advising was carried out via the PLATOW Medien GmbH. pfp Advisory has taken over advising responsibilities since September 2016.

An in-depth analysis of the entire German stock market is the basis for all investment processes. Important elements include a tried and tested stock-picking process developed over many years by Christoph Frank, careful balance sheet analysis and hundreds of conversations with executives and other company insiders every year. The result is a portfolio of about 35 to 60 stocks of companies either headquartered in Germany or doing a large part of their business there. The opportunities and risks presented by individual companies’ equity are crucial, while macroeconomic considerations and inclusion in a stock index are mostly immaterial. That is why the DB Platinum IV Platow Fund’s portfolio usually differs substantially from the composition of major stock indices. 

This unique approach has paid off for investors. While the small-cap index SDAX gained 143% between May 2006 and August 2018, the DB Platinum IV Platow Fund was up 303%. Morningstar counts the Platow Fund among the best in its class. Renowned rating agencies like Lipper and FWW have also awarded it top ratings. In 2015, the Platow Fund was awarded the “German Fund Award”, a “€uro Fund Award” and a “Lipper Award” in the “Equity Germany” category. In 2016, it won the “German Fund Award” a second time, and in 2018 a "Lipper Fund Award" a second time. 

Investors have three options for investing in the Platow Fund: Private investors can buy shares (DWS030 or LU1239760025) or the Platow certificate (DB0PLA or DE000DB0PLA8), which tracks the Platow Fund. Institutional investors have access to two separate tranches (DWS031, LU1239760371; A2H6W0, LU1711555844).

Platow Fund DAX SDAX
Return 10 years + 319 % + 110 % + 249 %
Return 5 years + 101 % + 42 % + 86 %

Sources: Morningstar, Bundesbank, Comdirect. Date: 30.9.2018


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